The Most Important Things Schools Don’t Teach You


Look, don’t get it twisted, education is an integral part of life and it helps develop stability and maturity among impressionable young minds. There’s no guarantee you’ll succeed in your studies, of course, because you get what you put in, but there’s no reason why the education system can’t improve and do some developing of its own. Fact is, society is constantly evolving and relying on new technologies to facilitate life in a more convenient, imaginative manner—just in the easiest way possible. You don’t want to pay your bills by mail? There’s an app for that. You don’t want to stand in line to buy movie tickets? There’s an app for that, too. We are in a state of flux and it’s time our education system evolves with us. That means teaching students about new technologies and what fields may be affected, as well as what opportunities might arise. That means teaching students basic life skills such as cooking and being financially prudent. While learning our country’s vast history and reading classic novels and poems are certainly important, students would benefit immensely from being groomed to tackle life’s many subtle but collectively paramount details—whether it’s making yourself a healthy, cost-effective meal or managing your time productively.
The intent here isn’t to chastise our education system for failing students. That would be unfair and inaccurate. Education, despite its exorbitant tuition fees, is still responsible for thrusting smart minds into the workforce and building a brighter future. But unless you’re enrolled in post-secondary, there’s no reason why education should be limited to a set amount of subjects. The 10 additions that made this list of most important things they don’t teach us in school are equally paramount to developing minds and even more so in some cases.
After all, can we truly feel good about sending young people out into the world if they can’t make and follow a budget, network in a professional manner, complete basic repairs, or have some perspective on what’s truly important in life? These skills and character traits apply to many facets in life and should be emphasized in an academic setting for students to learn and develop from. But they aren’t. Perhaps some of these things are too subjective for schools to implement, worrying that parents would react negatively, but such a thought process is damaging and only impedes meaningful progress. Fact is, not everyone has the luxury of having supportive parents who impart their wisdom and life skills over to them. Some people rely on school to teach them everything they know, from education to social skills. To presume otherwise is myopic and unfair to these students looking for guidance. Implementing these 10 things to our education system wouldn’t be difficult either, making it all the more frustrating that we’re still stagnant in 2015.
So without any further ado, here are the 10 most important things they don’t teach us in school. If you think we excluded certain things that should have made the list, drop a comment and let us know.

The Most Important Things Schools Don't Teach You