Swept Under The Rug! Prior To Dallas Shooting: Dallas Police Officers Resigned In Record Numbers!


‘Exodus’ continues at the Dallas Police Department


DALLAS — Dallas police officers are leaving in droves.
We talked to an officer whose last day was Wednesday. He joins more than 40 others who quit in the month of May.
He asked we not identify him.
“I’m going to go to a city that respects officers,” he said. “I’m going to a city that will appreciate my skill set.”

The officer has worked at DPD for 10 years.



That’s what is alarming — the department is not just losing young officers, but veterans and detectives who could be future leaders, officers told News 8.
Many say low morale is plaguing the department under the leadership of Chief David Brown.
“The big joke is we talk about — how many years do you have left in the department, it’s like a prison sentence,” the officer told us. “You walk through, and it’s all like, ‘Oh, you got two more years,’ or ‘All I’ve got is nine years left.’ That kind of wears on you.”
The chief addressed the issue Monday at a Dallas City Council public safety meeting.image

Our officers are not being retained, and they are leaving because in the area salaries […] others are paying much more,” Chief Brown said.
Some nearby cities, including Fort Worth, are paying officers $10,000-to-15,000 more a year.
The Dallas Police Department’s starting pay is about $45,000.
The officer we talked to says he’s leaving because he feels he is no longer effective in Dallas. He says the workload, hours, and low pay aren’t worth it.
“It’s been a mass exodus, and I wasn’t going to be one of the ones of the last to go when the ship sinks,” he said. “On my way, I’m going to be finding the next ship.”
Sources say so many officers are leaving the department that the personnel office can’t process the paperwork quickly enough, and they are telling officers they have to wait to quit.



  • Anita

    First of all, there are no cities that respect police officers. If that’s the reason people are becoming officers, they’re going to be highly disappointed! Also, being respected by the public is not a requirement for becoming a police officer. Respect is earned and lately some officers haven’t been deserving of respect from the public especially the black community!

    I was a police officer in Philadelphia when we couldn’t even wear our uniforms to work because it wasn’t uncommon to be shot at from high rises. So, the department began to implement community policing programs to improve the relationship between the department and the public. However, if the officers that are paid by the taxpayers kill people because they are scared, then you will lose the respect of the public. Drawing your weapon should be the very last resort..after you have exhausted every avenue to descalate the situation. There are bad officers out there who are not being held accountable for their criminal behavior and they wonder why people are retaliating! If anyone decides to become an officer it should be because they want to protect and serve the public and not because they finally get the opportunity to kill someone and get away with it!