Cam Gives back


Through out Cam Newton Career he has been labeled a thug countless times. Most recently when the Carolina Panthers played the Tennessee Titans. Cam scored a touchdown , and performed a new dance called the Dab. Cam says that the idea came from his little brother who claimed Cam needed a “cooler ” celebration dance. After performing the dance Cam received criticism from a Mother in the stance claiming the dance was inappropriate , and as a role model should know better.  In September 2015 Cam was labeled a thug because he posted pictures of him self with college friends dressed in urban attire. Cam also has a history of cheating in college after being expelled from Florida University.

Although Cam has had his problems off the field , he is still a upstanding individual. Cam left College after his junior year , and made a promise to his parents that he would go back to graduate from school as he did in June 2015. After every touchdown Cam gives the ball to a young fan in the crowd. Newton also took time out before a game to visit a young child who has cancer. Also the quarterback who is having an MVP caliber season has a foundation http://www.cam1newton.com , and every year gives away Turkeys on Thanksgiving with money out of his own pocket to the community.


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