Oh My God! Black Teen Dies From Asthma While Running From Racist Crowd



Dayshen McKenzie died while running for his life.

The black Staten Island teen, fleeing what witnesses described as a mostly white crew shouting racial epithets and waving a gun, collapsed and died last week from an asthma attack.

“To me, it’s murder,” said Diane Fatigati, an ex-NYPD officer and 9/11 responder, who rushed to the aid of the dying McKenzie. “They were chasing him — that’s a crime. You’re hunting them because they’re black … You’re calling them a n—-r.”

Fatigati tried desperately to resuscitate the 16-year-old aspiring rapper.

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But she couldn’t bring him back after the deadly chase last Friday that escalated from a festering beef between one of McKenzie’s friends and one of the other group over a girl.

Dayshen McKenzie died of an asthma attack while running for his life.
Dayshen McKenzie died of an asthma attack while running for his life. (FACEBOOK)
“I got a gun!” good Samaritan Fatigati heard one pursuer shout around 4 p.m. as McKenzie and a half-dozen pals sprinted through backyards.

“I’m gonna shoot you, n—-r!” yelled another.

Fatigati said the group chasing McKenzie and his pals consisted of young white males and one Hispanic male, and said two of the cars in the wild pursuit bore Pennsylvania plates. No arrests were made and no charges filed in the week since the incident.

McKenzie’s mom, Tisha Richardson, was stunned to hear the details of her son’s final minutes alive — sprinting behind houses and taking shelter inside a shed as carloads of young men gave chase.