NY Cop Rapes Woman Maleatra Montanez In Front Of New Born & Receives 3 Years Probation


  • paulmsmith

    Until we stop coddling criminal and predator cops when they commit crimes, we will only encourage rogue cops to do so.

  • HerrinSchadenfreude

    He’ll get dealt with in the streets. Rest assured.

  • Leeann Rogers

    Like I’ve said and written often, cops came from the same human race they are paid to “protect and serve”, not “special beings.” Therefore, they will use or deal drugs, lie, steal, beat their wives, rape, murder and commit every criminal act or break any laws they are sworn to uphold. The problem is, the American Federal, State, and City governments keep condoning it. If every cop who breaks the law, are treated like all criminals, we will not fear when one or two of them approaches our front door, or stop us on the street.

    • Willa Gilkey

      You are actually wrong ma’am. In 2005 the supreme court passed a ruling that Cops are NOT there to protect and serve. And yes they will get away with a far less penalty, if any at all, than the average person of any race will.

  • Sirajullah Malik Shabazz-EL

    When the settlement is resolved, she should have him executed and burned alive.

  • JD

    “A yearlong investigation by the Associated Press found over 1,000 police
    officers nationwide were kicked off the force over the past six years
    for offenses including rape, sexual assault and possession of child
    pornography. The actual number of cases is believed to be higher but it
    is difficult to track because comprehensive data does not exist.”

    the nations police departments are simply spilling over with all those
    so-called “good” cops. I don’t cry when people pick these assholes off.
    Although you’ll never know if one was good or bad, odds say it’s
    probably worth it… just in case.

  • Butch Taylor

    will somebody explain how you receive probation after raping a woman.

    • Willa Gilkey

      It seems to be popular these days with white judges

  • Ronnie J Darling

    I do honestly feel that cops treat people of colour or gay people entirely different than they do other people. I’m white, but I would NEVER want to be treated the same way cops treat women of colour. That officer is no longer an officer, and rightfully so, however, after raping ONE woman, he should have been treated like a criminal, not allowed to continue this problem. So WHY is he walking free? He’s a sex offender and nothing more. He’s not a man, not a ex-cop, nothing but a sex offender. Stop firing the cops that out the criminal cops! When a cop says a fellow officer is a criminal, believe them and fire the criminal, ,not the one that is doing the right thing.

  • Daye Massey

    Always say they don’t never get the right one that’s one that needs to be done

  • Janet Holmes

    Effing fungus of the planet who needs to be exterminated

  • bethepeace

    until there are consequences for those who fail to call these bad guys to account, nothing will change. nothing. it’s a disgrace #stopinjustice