Mind State Of A Black Man In America


Right now, the mind state of a black man is woke. Right now, he’s waking up his brothers and sisters, letting them know that the Revolution is here! The mind state of black man is cautious to how he represents himself via public outlet and any media extension. This is not to say he is afraid or softened but aware of the danger to target him for retaliation and/or radical justification. We must devise a plan and execute together.¬†The mind state of black man right now in America must value real freedom, change, and equality, just as our leaders have in the sixty’s. The agenda must be pushing toward more organized peaceful protest joined with aggressive action from positive ideas. Not one but all men will see each brother as a entity to form a machine that will destroy the evil we face daily. The mind state of a thinker is revolutionary. This mind state shares the same esteem the great Martin Luther King had. Every man was created equal and let him be judged by character and not by his color. Using violence and spewing hate is not the answer nor the weapon to combat the bigotry. It’s defeated by using his mind, which is more powerful than a 1,000,000 tongues! A black man’s mind state will not and can not be fearful. He must remain strong, continue providing , protecting, and steadfast in keeping the movement alive. Collectively, we have the skillset and knowledge to rebuild our communities and progress a generation forward that has been behind way too long. The mind state of a black man will be questioned but make no mistake it will and shall conspire to inspire more inspirers. Be positve in this fight. Re-invent the world with new ideas for change. “KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE”.

Right Now: Mind state of A Black Man