• The Truth

    What is wrong with black men? Why are most of them so aggressive and driven by greed and power? Many abusing their women, not being involved in parenting, all about that “thug” life, dropping out of school. .. making poor choices.
    Learning starts before you enter school. What are you teaching your youth?
    Morals, values, respect, and honor cost nothing to teach. Blacks live in white neighborhoods and whites live in black neighborhoods. .. very integrated. We go to the same schools and there is an obvious cultural difference.
    Why the violence? Why the ignorance?
    There is aid available for everyone. Many programs to help single parents and if both parents are in the home.
    There are black men that are educated. . They stay in school. They make good decisions but, what seperated them from the rest? Parenting.
    That’s the difference.
    People can be broke as hell, living on a farm with 9 siblings, the ghetto with 5 siblings.. it doesn’t matter. Those people can be happy and teach their children. And having zero dollars, they don’t turn to crime. They have work ethic.

    Why do you not see Amish people incarcerated? Because they raise their children to work hard, be involved in church, respect others, help, family values, family meals, no fast food, no GMOs, no immunizations.

    Damn. Seems we could all take a step back and make a change to be better. .. not “bitter”. Time to take responsibility for ones own actions, and not point the finger to everyone else. Those men who are incarcerated deserve to be there. Their actions put them there. Better to be there than to cause their neighbors and loved ones more problems. Better to be there to get rehabilitated than to run the streets and possibly die; be it from a cop or another black man.
    Set that ego aside.
    Teach men (and women) a better way. Encourage them. Support them. Keep them off the streets. PARENT BETTER.
    –Learning starts at home.