Lebron James Paying For Adults GEDs


LeBron James keeps aiming to make a difference in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Less than a month after announcing that he and the University of Akron were partnering to give guaranteed four-year scholarships to qualified students in James’ I Promise program, the Cleveland Cavaliers star has joined with another local initiative to help out those students’ parents.

In conjunction with Project Learn of Summit County, according to Cleveland.com, James last week announced that parents of children enrolled in the LeBron James Family Foundation will receive financial aid toward completing their GEDs.

That includes, per the Cleveland.com report, instruction from Project Learn’s teachers, bus passes and/or parking to attend classes, fees for the GED and practice test covered, a laptop they can keep if they complete the course, among other things.

So far, according to the report, nine adults have agreed to participate in the program.