These are the people putting our black men into modern day slavery! This is how they think of us!


  • Johannes Shaku

    Yeah, bring them back home and when that ship return, it must return with the whole whites from Africa, they are the lost canon here and they stealing from Africa, white people are racist and they will never change

    • Konscious Moor

      Exactly.. In ready to repatriate anyway.. Let these racist dogs pay for my departure accommodations.


    Ship them back to europe

  • True Grit

    Whites weren’t here, but a hot minute before Blacks. What is he sayin’?

    • Truth Persimone

      What that judge was saying is that he doesn’t even know his own history. If people who are prejudice and racist don’t want to be here, then they should leave so those of us who aren’t racist or prejudice can live in a society without that kinda of hate. He definitely shouldn’t be a judge.

    • Kennethpytn

      Wrong! We have always been right here, even before the Indians came here. Research, if you do not believe me. In fact, we ae the original Indians. Same thing in China and Mexico; we were there first.

      • Allison Shaw

        Not according to all valid archeological and scientific data, you weren’t. Honestly, Kenneth, you just make you and your people look bad when you spew that kind of ignorance.

        • Montely Wilson

          You mean Eurocentric archeological and scientific data that has the sole purpose of propagating a lie that whites are original everywhere but the Caucus mountains. Yeah, right. Ever heard of Ivan Van Sertima?

    • Raul Rodriguez

      Blacks were here first, scroll to my comment, click on link and set your mind free

    • Calliope Jackson

      Actually if you know your history you would know that a lot of the Native American people that were here were people of color but then again most people don’t know actual history they just know the history that white people tell them

      • Kennethpytn

        Indeed. What White people have done, and continue to do, is to write themselves into history whee they could not possibly have been. One proof that we have of this are the ridiculous names that appear in the Bible out of nowhere: James, Peter, Paul, Mark. These are all European names and could not possibly have been from Biblical times. How in the fuck did they suddenly appear in the Bible? Hello, White people, I talking to you? Where the fuck did a fucking JOHN come from? There were no fucking James, or Johns in that part of the world, so how the fuck did they just suddenly appear from nowhere, unless they were written into our story by his-story.

  • Trina Parker

    I’m African Italian Greek Irish English Spanish Finnish Russian Native American and Asian. Which country should I go back to? Oh wait I’m part native american..I get to stay. You go back to Europe!!!!?

    • khepra Bey

      Lol..stop. please stop

    • Calliope Jackson

      Well you have a lot of choices Italy Greece Ireland the United Kingdom Spain Germany Russia Asians are considered black and that’s a fact, But I’m guessing your skin color is more white than black so with white privilege being the thing of the day for white people you can choose to go back to whichever one you want.

    • tesmith47

      if you look Black….

  • KhaleesiBlaq

    No surprise there.. And as soon as his racist ideals show up, they bring out the parade of token Coons they save for days just like this.. The David Clarks and Raven Simones they keep handy. Nothing surprises me anymore in their actions.. I’m more surprised when they are NOT racists!!!

  • superh8

    The judge is an inbred CRACKER that needs to get on a ship with the rest of his monkeys & go the fuck back to the caucus mountains in Europe.fucking illiterate dumbass cracker

  • Rambro

    You need to be sent back to the Caucus Mountain caves , the name Caucasian came from living in those mountain caves !

  • philip.dennany

    But first, if that is the right thing to do, shouldn’t Judge Hulsey be on a transport to return himself and his kind to what ever land he and his came from before they did all of the terrible destruction to the natives here that are still suffering from that horror?

  • Ronald Saracino

    What makes you think all “whites” think this or think they are better then everyone.
    You just proved you are a racist POS. Thank you.

    • Justice

      So you just ignore the judge like he was not talking about all blacks. Sit your candy ass down. We know that you think that way or you would have STFU.

    • Quincy Page Plus

      It doesn’t matter what all whites “think”, this “white” was stupid enough to actually say it….

  • Darryl Owens

    i will get on a ship and return with the equivalence of forty acres and a mule,can you make it happen?

    • tesmith47

      pf course this is a capitalist nation and interest got to go on so 40 acres times say 200 years, yeh i would take that and leave immediately!!!

  • Deuce Prez

    There’s always a group of negroes who take to Coon Train wherever it leads to defend such people….!!

  • David Salas

    By definition alone he is disqualified to be a judge as bias and predisposition cannot play part in any reasoning in which a person’s freedoms and liberties are at stake.

    The idea of sending an American citizen back to their ancestral land is complete nonsense, but if it was to be implemented it should be to send racist scum back to their point of origin, a place in which they were so inferior that it created this daemon that feeds on their fears.

  • Mongoose

    It seems that the pastors can’t accept that anyone might have something positive to say. Rally, if this happened in 2011, why is there such a to do now?