• Michael Jay

    You may want to listen to this twice is you have the time!

    • Dave Myers

      I could be wrong, but I believe that the ‘first’ poster has accurately, described/articulated ‘our’ present ‘condition’, here in “Post-Racial” amerikkka. nuf said.

  • 2much mouth

    Very very powerful testimony by Michael Eric Dyson; but he’s preaching to the choir. The ones who need to hear this information; the ones who are in charge of policy change; are not present. This is information that the black community knows without having to present statistics. We know this because we live this everyday. Everything that Brother Dyson has said is absolutely true. But what is going to be done about it. This is not new information. He poetically articulated with painter’s brush the plight of the black community; but my question is; what now?

    • msperc

      I hear u, but don’t assume all Blacks are “In Tune” to this information as HE presents it. Thus it needs to be discussed & understood!

    • lue

      Got dudes in front row who stole real good, with absolutely NOTHING to show!

    • Richelle Wallace

      We have to accept that white society has an agenda to keep us down and learn to use their system against them. They want to categorize us as unintelligent and inabilities to learn, use that nonsense against them and wear those stereotypes as badges when it comes to applying for college. The ADHD, ADD and other stigmas they label our children makes our children eligble for various scholarships and grants for education. We are so quick to give white society to break our confidence and weaken us rather than use their evil intentions against them and in our favor. We do the same on our jobs, I have a performance issue, show me how my performance is an issue in the policies and procedures so I may improve and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Stop buying into the bullshit, know your job, know the policies and procedures, ask to see the Standard Operating Procedure SOP or SOG) they say you’re not living up to, AND DOCUMENT on your personnel record as they do!

    • Tomi

      Trust me the ones who are in charge of policy change heard it. They need to hear it whether they’re there or not. Did you hear about the guy that was murdered for leading the “Black Lives Matter?” They have to know that they cannot kill their way through this but have a dialogue. To me, he delivered a great speech.

  • Thenuvision Backups

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    • alecia ottley

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    • 0_0


      • Csmith


      • Thenuvision Backups

        Haha. did you watch the videos, is that why you mad you clown, lmao

  • Mrs. D.

    This is a wonderful sermon… But, why was it not delivered to the sinners? And then, I wonder… I wonder if it was preached, amplified, from the rooftops and every available corner in Washington DC, if it would ever become as serious and as much a matter of life and death to the potentates of the hallowed congressional halls as it is to those relegated to the view from the overflow and from balcony seats?

    I recently had a stunning realization… I realize that the racism which is a standard and hallmark of American society came over on the ships of those fleeing so-called religious oppression. It came to these shores and terrorized and brutalized people of color, and then by continued, unbridled terror and brutality, perpetrated itself through African slavery and westward expansion. I realized that AMERICA was built, not just on the backs of my ancestors, but by way of the ships and wagon wheels of American racism. Perhaps, had some brave souls other than John Brown and others, stood up, en mass, and called those sinners to repent, we may have had an ear to listen to the cries of racial injustice, today… for surely, it would not be as pervasive as it currently is. But, we had no substantial representation… no one mass of organized, legal white voices to speak up and call to a stop the demonic flow of racist ideology across the country. It has been slightly debated, it even fueled and won a Civil War, but it has NEVER effectively ended the racist terror and brutality which is now inherently American.
    Consequently, we have none in the hallowed houses of legislation and Constitution, TO THIS DAY, to call the current masses into to repentance. And so, we just keep witnessing Trayvon after Trayvon after Trayvon being crucified, but no sincere, effective response to his blood being shed. We already know that he died for us… But, still, the sin continues.

    • Csmith

      ^ Very sad, this way of thinking

  • In the United States the term “black people” is NOT an indicator of SKIN COLOR or ETHNIC ORIGIN but is instead a socially based racial classification related to being African American, with a family history associated with INSTITUTIONALIZED SLAVERY! Institutionalized slavery, meaning: that even though slaves were free, they still had the mindset of being slaves, and didn’t know how not to be! The term black was used throughout, but not frequently since IT CARRIED A CERTAIN STIGMA. In his 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech, Martin Luther King, Jr. uses the terms negro fifteen times and black ONLY four times. Each time he uses black it is in parallel construction with white; for example, “black men and white men”! BLACK PEOPLE is a term used in certain countries, often in socially based systems of racial classification or of ethnicity, to describe persons who are perceived to be dark-skinned compared to other given populations. As such, the meaning of the expression varies widely both between and within societies, and depends significantly on context. For many other individuals, communities and countries, “black” is also perceived as a derogatory, outdated, reductive or otherwise unrepresentative label, and as a result is NEITHER USED NOR DEFINED. In South Africa and Latin America, mixed-race people are generally not classified as “black”! #IamNotBlackIAmAFRIKAN https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=r0wVBQAAQBAJ

  • 0_0

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    • dollarbill4life

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      • 0_0

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        • dollarbill4life

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          • 0_0

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          • dollarbill4life

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          • 0_0

            “Fake avatar” did you really write that ??

          • dollarbill4life

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          • jeff davis

            Proving some chimpanzees are smart enough to type!

  • lue

    Yeah, very powerful indeed!

    But falls on deaf ears and a dead conscious aided and abetted by theives, crooks, sheisters and poverty pimps who continue to fake the funk and prey on our very own kind while looking just like YOU!

    Bar has been, and continues to be lowered while the rules and suspicions heightened; continuing the favoritism and prolonging the struggle!

    Council Members, Mayors, Non Profits, “Change Agents”, Executive Directors and self proclaimed Community Activists stealing and faking all for self indulgence and greed! Don’t even realize the damage done or the example set!

    Yeah, powerful indeed!

    • Nettie Lynch-Keller

      Let’s help ourselves – how about a BCM (Boycotts Matter) movement. We’d boycott a certain industry for one week every mon the until we get results! Hit that bottomline, that when they will know we are serious!

  • emeraldeyes24

    WHERE are all the white people? [Oh, wait, I saw one white woman sitting with the Representatives at the front] The good doctor doesn’t need to eloquently speak to the black men in his presence about the racism, suspicion, and irrational attitudes of white cops, and many citizens. They KNOW of which he speaks. On the other hand the white community needs to hear it, need to feel the fear that the mothers of black sons feel, the frustration that black men feel that yet another generation of black sons are being beaten and criminalized.

  • Robert Cantu

    This speech, this powerful and true full speech, just makes me say. I’m so proud I’m not black. Lol!!! It must suck being black. Everything he’s saying it true and I’m so happy I never experienced 1% of what black people experience.

  • Brian Torri

    What is the date of this testimony? It refers to a verdict, but there have been so many. They don’t date the video.

    • Jack Vrooman

      i’m guessing 2012

  • Robert

    I could listen to him talk all day! So on point and relevant always..

  • Vanessa Harris

    Mr. Dyson spoke the truth and we as a people owe it to our children to fight for a better way for them to live. They aren’t building prisons for the other children, they’re building them for our, because it’s a business for them. Profit and Margin.

    • Nettie Lynch-Keller

      Hey how about a BCM (Boycotts Matter) movement. We’d boycott a certain industry for one week every mon the until we get results! Hit that bottomline, that when they will know we are serious!

      • dollarbill4life

        Us black folks are too cowardly for something like that. We’d rather march, hold hands and wear t-shirts. We rebel, but never revolt. Revolution leads to change. Rebellion leads back to business as usual.

  • dollarbill4life

    Room full of handkerchief heads who do lots of talking, but little else. You never hear talk about economic boycotts, something that will make Mr. White Man sit up and take notice. If you don’t hit the white man in his pockets, you ain’t really hitting him.

    • Nettie Lynch-Keller

      I’ve been saying that for years! Hey how about a BCM (Boycotts Matter) movement. We’d boycott a certain industry for one week every mon the until we get results!

  • dollarbill4life

    Congressional Black Cowards…old handkerchief heads who do nothing, stand for nothing and affect nothing. #windowdressing

  • Felicia Murphy

    I get what he saying but now what…we never asked them for their permission before so why now…what happened to our leaders that did more than just talk to the power structure…but talked to the people about pulling the black community together…promoting education and business ownership…mentoring programs…stay in school and stop the violence events…we got the vote by a race wide protest…When we pull together no one is able to stop us…

    • Nettie Lynch-Keller

      Hey how about a BCM (Boycotts Matter) movement. We’d boycott a certain industry for one week every mon the until we get results! Hit that bottomline, that is how they will know we are serious!

  • charles

    wow, that was powerful, but is it upon death ears!?

  • charles

    only way this racism thing will stop if you hit the white man in his pockets!!

  • Bear Bear

    We heard it from the valleys, to the mountain top. The system is deeply rooted in place, and as long as the people in policy making, see pants hanging off guys without a belt, they are convinced, they are ok with their presence.

  • chercher

    The girl in the blue with the afro is eating this all up.

    Mr. Dyson is a liar…..he is dressing up the truth. In every dynamics white is going to have more because they have 7 times more people than black.

    This is bullshit grandstanding that is helping no one. Black family is fractured and only black people can fix it, especially black men. They need to take responsibility for their actions and take care of their children and keep them off the street.

    President Obama knows very little about black Americans and their problems. He grew up in Jakarta and Hawaii where his grandparents raised him. His grandmother was the Vice President of a Bank ….he wasn’t raised black.

    • Nettie Lynch-Keller

      Do we penalize him because of his background. Hey how about a BCM (Boycotts Matter) movement. We’d boycott a certain industry for one week every mon the until we get results! Hit that bottomline, that when they will know we are serious!

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  • Sheilla Picon

    The white folk, the ones who should be paying attention, look so bored…. That one lady is digging through her bag…. SMH

  • skrap26

    quoting jay-z now lmao talking about it repeatedly won’t solve and damn thing sorry to say but he’s wasting his breath .

  • Ervin Walls

    he gives me a head ache………17 million black babies butchered…since 73’…………and he missed…..it..

  • jeff davis

    Negros=Autistic bobble heads nodding in the background. Waste of oxygen.