Proud of these MEN! Who’s next?!

  • realteruchan

    IS there an article here?! I am truly sick of clickbait bullshit!

  • Ruby N. Gill

    BRAVO!! A call to action by our men. Will the rest of you please stand up, roll up your sleeves and get seriously busy; invest your time and your resources. We need our own places of business so we can keep the Black dollars in the Black communities. Our immediate and most critical needs are banks, grocery stores, department stores and car dealerships. Theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, fun parks, we don’t need. The blood of of our Black sisters and brothers is crying out to us from the ground into which it has seeped. We can no longer ignore the cries for mercy and justice. It is past time for the killing to stop on both sides. There are many LEOs who are committed to the oath to protect and serve and they do it everyday at the sacrifice of their own safety. However, for that element among you who are brutal oppressors, you must find your voice and speak out to rid yourselves of the cancer of racism, bigotry and unprovoked brutality to build strong community relationships. To those in our communities who are wreaking havoc and destruction and killing your own, we plead with you to please cease and desist. We are begging you to stop killing each other. Your are creating chaos and more dysfunction on your home turf–our children don’t have a chance. To our political and religious leaders we implore you to come out from behind your desks and out of your pulpits and into the communities. The Black church has always been the bedrock of the Black community but you are failing us. Yes, we know that our faith and belief in God and adherence to the tenets of that belief system must be primary in whatever we do. However, we also know that faith without works produces nothing. Where is the call from Black churches for Town Hall discussions all across this land? People are hurting and need to share and hear from other. Where do they go? This is not an indictment against all Black churches because we know there are many that are investing in the community, providing services to the underserved- -elderly, youth, economically disadvanted, incarcerated, but many more should be in the field. We support missions all around the world and our own are suffering and dying at home. Wake up Black church! Wake up Black people! Our very lives depend on it.