We hear the information, but are we listening??



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  • Dilland

    “The black community must return to patriachy”????? You are clueless. Our ancestors were of a matriarchical system. You are too busy trying to be like the caucasian which is why you will be doing this alone.

    Two, we are not “negros” or “black”. You need to learn our true history first.

    Three, you can’t create a nation using someone else’s currency.

    Four, you have an incredible amount of negativity against your own people and even worse, women. You can’t keep women out of the picture. Without women, you don’t exist. You needd to know who you are and where your true lane is. You can’t do it by yourself, and without women, you won’t be doing it at all.

    • Deez_3zUp

      I’m responding to u not the vid. I didn’t watch it all b4 writing this. 1&4-The black man is a little more broken than the black woman in some perspectives. Currently our men are lacking in the qualities to get the work done to elevate ourselves as a people much more than the women. No. men can’t do it alone. We do need our women. But they have equal work in repairing themselves which is a task of self discovery. They must unite any find themselves too. They don’t trust us. They don’t have faith in our potential greatness by our own hand. They need to get to that place and we need to show and prove. But we can’t do it when everyone it tryin to be an island. As black men and women we are in this struggle together we all don’t realize that. We are played against each other. We need to see thru the trickknowledge.

      2- negro, n black is just a term Americans have come up with, every generation has a term they are comfortable being described as. Africans, moors->Niggers->negros->Africanafro Americans->blacks,n niggas.n I might’ve missed something but w/e. We as Americans here are so lost from what we were it’s hard to figure out just who we are and regardless a lot of the time it’s just a term holding little weight.

      3-sure u can. America did it. The war wasn’t automatic. America wanted to get away from using britain’s money. So America rebeled. However today, our money still comes from Britain at interest. Every dollar pays back less than 1$. US is forever indebted to Britain.
      What simply would happen is … well first off u need land to establish a nation on. Where’s that? I think we need to partner with African countries, as a people in the states. We can use usd to help Africa. We need to position ourselves in careers and networks where we can advocate, lobby, legislate,etc. to help reestablish those countries independence freeing them from Europe’s grip on their economy. Those countries have extreme wealth in natural resources but don’t profit from it like the ruling country of Europe does. Once our motherland is freed we can walk way from the USD. I believe in that idea that “black tax” idea. In fact independently I cane up with the same idea as our solution. I believe the endgame is freeing, assisting and reacquainting ourselves with Africa and reestablishing its place as a global power. So one day even if that’s USD in ur pocket, it’s converted from ur African account and the exchange rate looks down on the dollar.

  • Georgia Johnson

    That A good Idea,