Blacks Cops Are Not Standing Up Against Senseless Police Killings, Why?

  • paulmsmith

    I am glad that this conversation is now being had. The fear of retaliation is real and it must realy be deeply frustrating for black officers who believed that they are forced to ignore racist cops- they know who they are and they are often aware of their bad behavior- but to, snitch is against the “code”. Recently, a black female police officer reported her her fellow white officer on his abusive behavior against a black restrained, handcuffed suspect, she, herself, was beaten and fired by the force. I can’t imagine how painful that must be to a proud black officer who is sworn to uphold the law, and to see it perverted in his own ranks.

  • rhip

    They don’t say anything because they just as scared as we are. They useless as fuck show off for white cops do just as much except they don’t kill us. National guard need to be our police then things will change

  • Le’Charles MrSophisticated Sig

    The funny thing with so black policemen is that they are following policy that is not being enforced by their follow white police officers. Anytime they admit that they are intimated then that implies the force in general is corrupt. I felt that many of the officers that appeared in this video fail to realize is that you cannot fence ride. The backlash of the police being killed happened due to unlawful treatment of black American citizens. There has to be real procedure for conducting arrests, background checks for police candidates, and accountability anytime those procedures are threatened. These officers are afraid because they know the the same officers they work with would kill them and come after their families.