The anniversary of James first game recently passed. Let’s revisit his rookie year. LeBron avg 20 pts ppg 5 rebounds and 5 assist.  James came into the league in 2005 polished playing like a veteran in his very first game playing point guard . I repeat a 6-8 point guard, showing early flashes of greatness. LeBron went on to win rookie of the year ,however his team did not enjoy the same success missing the playoffs. Was he the best rookie ever ?

Magic Johnson

Magic has the most notable rookie year Winning Finals Mvp when he subbed as starting center when Kareem missed game 7. Although Magic averaged great numbers 18ppg  7rb 7ast, he did not win rookie of the year. Also note the Lakers were the 5th seed in the Playoffs the prior year.


In Jordan rookie year he came out the gate one of the best scorers in the game. 28, 5, and 6. Those are MVP numbers in any era. Jordan made All NBA second team , and the All Star team. The game he was infamously froze out by Isiah Thomas.

Who you got ?