Ban The Hack a Shaq?

according to Silver.

“The data shows that we’re largely talking about two teams, throughout the playoffs,” Silver said. “In fact, 90 percent of the occurrences of Hack-a-Shaq involve the Rockets and the Clippers, and for the most part, it’s two players. Seventy-five percent involve two players, DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard. So then the question becomes, should we be making that rule change largely for two teams and two players?”

The statement from Adam Silver is very true. The Strategy only affects DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard. Many will respond to just hit your free throws. However what about the fans experience of watching good basketball. Honestly I feel that it muddy’s the game. The last quarter of a championship game , we watch DeAndre Jordan get fouled 54 feet from the rim , consecutively until he is pulled from the game.

Since there will not be a change anytime soon , so Howard & Jordan please work on your free throws.