Under The Radar :Spurs

Four players avg double figures in scoring. Kwai Leonard with a career high 20.9 . The newest addition to the team over the off season with a block buster signing Aldridge is avg 15.8 per game. Tony Parker the vet adding 12.4 & Manu with 10 a game. Father Time Tim is avg 8.9 still close to 10 as well as 8.9 rebounds. To add towards there great chemistry on offense Leonard the league reigning defense of player of the year has 69 steals already. Tim Duncan is adding 41 blocks. The Spurs have done a great job at adding youth to the roster , now having the average age of 30 years old. The Spurs are only 5 games back from the Golden State Warriors , only loosing 6 games this season.

Are the Spurs the true title favorites